Thong Veasna , School Principal - Tep Phan Campus, Phnom Penh

Personal Data

Mr. Thong Veasna is the School Principal at Sovannaphumi School based in Tep Phan Campus. He was born on April 2, 1981 and he has received a certified certicate of tecaching in Khmer and English from KRTTC ( Kandal Regional Teacher Training Center) in 2002, and two bachelor degrees: one in General Management from NUM ( National University of Management) and another in TESOL from HRU ( Human Resources University) in 2009. And expectedly, he will graduate his master degree in Educational Administration and Leadership in 2016 from Pannhasastra University of Cambodia.

Professional Employment

He has been working in the Educational field for over 13 years since 2002, starting from teacher at Public and Private sectors to management levels such as deputy branch manager, branch manager, training officer, senior curriculum development manager, and school principal. He has two main competency:
Education Field: pedagogical techniques, teaching methodology, and community development.
Management and Leadership: strategies of management, highly developed organizational and communicational skills and self- motivation

Professional Goals

His goal, to help Sovannaphumi School achieve its Vision & Mission,  is to serve students, parents and all stakeholders there to achieve their goals . He strongly believes that those whose choice is Sovannaphumi School is the right one.